SMS Backup

SMS backup is a common software used by majority, which is also supported by the PCSuite, NOKIA. But as you know, it will really cause you much trouble to rely on such kind of software for it requires you to save the sms one by one and costs you lots of time. Although the latest version has been developed, this fuction of which still remains. Maybe it has relation with the designing ideal to some degree: NOKIA perceives it as a kind of cell phone management system so lot, supporting variety of functions such as backup, simultaneous mail , net surf, file management, calling card management, application install, the transformation of the music and vedeo format from PC to cell phone, and so on, that neglected the details.

Under the atmosphere of the market economy, if the demands exist, the new prodcts will be developed. As the PCSuite is not able to meet the needs of the sms backup, some business-oriented softwares are thriving on the market for they can bring the sms backup into effect easily. Gradually, some business-oriented softwares added the backup function as a attached one.

The free always go with the business. I am receiving abundant sms from the users of dudu everyday, asked to provide with a remind of the registered software’s version upgrade. And I found it really makes me exhausted to put so many phone numbers into the PC, also with a few mistakes. Therefore I began to find out a kind of backup software, after some try, I chose the MsgExport finally. It is a free software suiting S60 version 3, the developer is a cell phone programmer living in ChiangMai, Thailand. He demonstrated on his homepage:”I am a cell phone programmer, using 5 cell phones for test. If I wanna to get a business-oriented software, I need to purchase 5. Because I have served in this field for many years, I developed this software, not only use by myself, but also for others’ use for free.”

This software doesn’t ask any signature, and it can be put into use immediately as soon as downloaded. With just one manu, it requires us to choose the saving format, to save the sms as text format or the net one. At the beginning, I chose the TXT one, showing messy code on my PC. And after that, I tried to save as the HTML one, the Chinese characters are normal and each short message ranks clearly. Therefore it is strongly suggested that save the sms as the HTML format.

His homepage:

If you fail to open his homepage, you can also try the following one: (support S60V3,22K)


TipsTips: if you don’t have data wire, infrared, bluetooth or card reader to assist your software install, you can also open the link above by your cell phone to carry on the install, paying extra fees for net surf.

Besides that, the developer also developed a series of free application, supporting the conversion from cell phone to text file(LogExport); and if you have installed many applications, you should enter the catalogue to carry on each time. Maybe you will feel bored, and then you can try the AppQLaunch, with the input of the file name, the application can be started at once.