There are a number of screen print softwares on PC, which can be used to intercept current running software, game pictures. They are also suiting to edit web site, magazine and so on. Likewise, the cell phone is similar, only if the image shows on the cell phone screen can you print it and save it as a pic file, then you can put it into the PC and carry on the edition with the image software.

When I develop the DuDu help file, I also need the cell phone screen print software to catch the image. I’ve ever tried two, one is called Screenshot developed by a Singapore Chinese, which is not only for free but also open the source code, supporting to the S60v 1,v2 and v3, S60 as well the UIQ sony ericsson. It has been developed from 2005 until now, the consciencious developer devotes himself to update and maintain regularly and is familiar with the S60 system. By now it has been up to version 2.8. I’ve ever learned its source code, which is concise and lucid, supporting 4 platforms of S60 at the same time. The homepage is, but it cannot be linked recently for some reason.



You should press hot keys when you print the screen with the software, including “pen key”. But there is no “pen key” on NOKIA 5700. So I have to try the another one: ScreenSnap, supporting S60v2,v3. I am used to setting it as the consective mode, and print screen every two seds up to 10. Then, I just need to turn to the interface needed, it has been completed after a sound of “Kaca”. Similarly, I convert to another interface and take the same manipulation. After repeating 10 times, it will stop automatically, and then you are asked to save it to the file designated and put into the PC by blue tooth. The tasks left become easy, usually I’ll drink a glass water and to take a rest, then process the image with Photoshop. The image on the guiding page of DuDu is processed as the procedure of above.


Web site:

There is this software for free as well as other two business softwares on screen print.

If you fail to open his homepage, you can also try the following one: (support S60v3,109K)


TipsTips: if you don’t have data wire, infrared, bluetooth or card reader to assist your software install, you can also open the link above by your cell phone to carry on the install, paying extra fees for net surf.